Event Catering and Fine Cuisine

We offer a variety of delicious items to add excellency to your next event menu.

A growing list of delicious food is now available. We work hard in the kitchen to develop new and exciting recipes that you will adore! 

Catering menu

Faux Gras


An exquisite Vegan version of the French paté. The delicate flavors of the Faux Gras will enrich your palate. Made of an ingenious blend of Nuts, mushrooms and shallots with a secret mix of spice, to create a smooth amazing texture. Served on a cracker or better yet, French baguette. This is the perfect ”amuse bouche” or appetizer on its own or with a salad. 

Arugula and Quinoa Salad


Even the Quinoa haters love this Salad! The slight bitterness of Arugula is softened by the Quinoa and Cranberries, along with cherry tomatoes and our own homemade french vinaigrette. This salade goes heavenly with our Faux Gras, but can be ordered on its own too. 

Gazpacho Verdi


A refreshing summer soup made with Asparagus, Edamame and coconut milk, seasoned to perfection. This Gazpacho will surprise and delight your taste buds.  

Asparagus Risotto


Creamy delightful Risotto, slow cooked in homemade mushroom stock, and full of locally grown Asparagus and mixed vegetable. 

Caramelized French Apple Pie


You have never had an Apple Pie like this one. Sweet Organic Apple lay on top of a homemade vegan puff pastry, with caramelized organic (and fair trade!) dark brown sugar. This Pie will have you begging for more.

Mini Beffless Maple Kebabs


Those amazing Short kebabs with Beefless Bits and season vegetable are marinated in a homemade maple and wine secret recipe. Delicious with a side of grilled Asparagus and Parsley Rice, or will go perfectly with the Risotto.