Boujour, Hello! Welcome to Bistro Vie’s Little Corner of the Internet.

My name is Candice Morel, I am French (yes, from France). I was brought up in a family who regards cooking much like a religion. I learned to cook at a very early age, and continued developing my own creations when I left home.

Some 7 years ago, I progressively rejected meat, then dairy and so on… I will talk about this change an other day!

There were some recipes I really loved from the classic French cuisine I mastered over the years, and I didn’t want to give those up! I began searching for products to replace the animal-based ingredients in those dishes. It took me a while to figure things out, and a lot of experimenting on my human family. 

I began developed and cooking recipes that resembled the traditional ones. My non-vegan friends all agreed: my dishes were great and a delicious plant-based alternative, furthermore, they couldn’t tell the difference in a lot of them.

And here I am! This has been a dream for a long time and I just had to figure out how to do it. I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across Bistro Vie and look forward to meeting you in the restaurant, where I live in the kitchen (not really, but you know. It’s a labour of love 🙂 )

– Candice

Our Heartfelt Mission

Our mission at Bistro Vie is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real plant-based foods, while still encouraging them to indulge in the flavourful meals they know and love. We understand that more people are every day are becoming conscious of the health risks, environmental impact and animal abuse involved in the ‘traditional’ way of eating in our society. These people may be experimenting with new ingredients in their diet, transitioning towards veganism, or perhaps just looking to reduce their intake of animal products. But we know it can be intimidating at first! The thought of giving up favourite foods can be a hard one to swallow. To that end, Bistro Vie is committed to supporting our customers on their journey towards vibrant plant-based health that satisfies their morals AND their tastebuds.

Our eco-footprint is another cause that is close to our hearts. We #saynotoplastic and use low-waste alternatives such as biodegradable packaging and bamboo cutlery. Sustainability and minimizing waste is a priority in our kitchen! Bistro Vie also runs a jar recycling program, where you can bring back your empty soup jar to be sterilized and reused to receive $1 off your next purchase.


Finally, we believe in giving back. That’s why Bistro Vie participates in our local Mealshare initiative by providing simple, healthy meals to a youth in need for each item labeled with a Mealshare sticker that’s purchased in our restaurant. Mealshare inspires and enables millions of patrons worldwide to join the movement to end world hunger, and we are proud to be aligned with their mission.

We hope that you will join us and experience the difference that authentic homestyle plant-based food makes. It’s just like your mom would cook – if your mom was vegan and a boss in the kitchen 😉.

Always Fresh. Non-GMO and Organic Wherever Possible!