The Foods We Know and Love

Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate, or jumping in it! 

We offer loved by all yet familiar dishes: the vegan version! 

Dig into a  Delicious Lasagna dish, a Creamy Curry Chik'n, a Smoking Shep's Pie or a Zesty Oranj'Pipa Chik'n.

Comfort food can be kind--it's about time! 

And now offering Event Catering with Fine Cuisine.


Options for the Whole Family

A tasty meal like Mom used to make (or not....depending on your Mom), with healthy, non GMO ingredients that taste great in our ready meals. Vegans and omnivores can finally eat the same vegan food, and everyone is happy, see?  Stop searching for vegan restaurants in Brantford, the answer's here.


Order Your Ready Meals

We are not a restaurant yet, but you can order anytime and get your ready meals on demand. Order fresh or frozen vegan food. Plan your week ahead and be done with the headache of day to day meal planning, because let's be honest, you have enough headaches as it is...